P R O D U C T S 

Sanitization Tunnel

Our sanitization tunnel is equipped with 5 filtered nossles, spraying food grade, non-alcoholic sanitizer, ensuring 100% coverage of each persons. 


How does it work?

Watch our deep cleaning sanitizing tunnel in action!
  • Personal branding included
  • Food grade, non-alcoholic based sanitizer
  • Portable; arrives in kit form
  • Includes: Motion sensor + FREE 25l sanitizer drum, Tunnel, Pump + Protective box, Spray System

Organotize Sanitizer 

Organotize consists of unique D4L-Technology flavanoids and extracts. It has immense health and food safety advantages, as well as being able to promote healthy skin rejuvenation, and virus inhibition for up to 72 hours.


Partners with Mother Nature.
  • Safe for ingestion, inhalation and skin contact
  • Promotes cell rejuvenation and forms a natural moisturizer
  • Kills 99.99%
  • Powered by D4L Bioflavanoids
  • 100% alcohol and chemical free
  • Biodegradable with no residue